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 Lal Quilla - Ashton in Makerfield

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Lal Quilla - Ashton in Makerfield Empty
PostSubject: Lal Quilla - Ashton in Makerfield   Lal Quilla - Ashton in Makerfield EmptyFri Feb 17, 2012 2:52 am

Not the best. Looks a bit odd from outside as all the curtains are drawn at the front of the building which also made it a bit dark and dreary inside when combined with the dated decor. Ordered a korma with keema rice and the mrs got a tikka.

The tikka wasn't THAT bad I suppose but wasn't good either. The korma was not good. Very runny sauce which put me off eating it a bit (although I still did - takes a LOT for me to not eat something).

Keema rice wasn't bad but the curry was aweful I'm afraid.

Staff not very friendly either. I would avoid.

Scott Artichoke
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Lal Quilla - Ashton in Makerfield
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